Draco cultivates a highly aggressive learning environment, with the mission of delivering unmatched levels of quality, value and service to our clients. 


API - 510

  • Certified pressure vessel inspectors have a broad knowledge base relating to maintenance, inspection, repair and alteration of pressure vessels assuring improved management and control of process unit operation , repair and maintenance objectives.

API - 570

  • Certified piping inspectors providing expertise in maintenance, inspection, alteration and repair of in-service metallic piping systems ensuring high levels of safety.

API - 653

  • Certified tank inspectors highly experienced in the maintenance, inspection, repair and alteration of storage tanks.

Nondestructive Testing

  • Dye penetrant
  • Magnetic particle
  • Ultrasonic thickness
  • Ultrasonic shearwave
  • Eddy current
  • Guided wave
  • Leak testing
  • Certified welding inspectors (CWI)
  • NACE certified inspectors

Turnaround Services

  • Planning
  • Pre-turnaround work (reducing discoverable work and associated costs)
  • Onsite inspection, NDT and safety personnel
  • Turnaround management
  • Standard reporting system


  • Onsite safety personnel for Run and Maintain, Turn Around and special projects
  • Development and implementation of on-site safety procedures in compliance with client requirements

Vendor Quality Assurance

  • Onsite and offsite vendor surveillance overseeing fabrication and repairs to process equipment.

Risk-Based Inspection

  • Evergreening (expertise in multiple RBI software programs)
  • Pre-turnaround planning
  • Review of current inspection schedule
  • RBI Implementation
    • Systemizing and circuitizing
    • Data mining
    • Process data review
    • History review
    • Corrosion review

Metallurgical Lab

  • In-house failure analysis laboratory
  • Fire assessment evaluations
  • On-site microscopy and field metallography replication (FMR)

Fitness for Service Assessments

  • Level I and II assessments